Tahoe Cutting Board

Tahoe Cutting Board

Hand Crafted Tahoe Cutting Board made with only sustainably sourced hardwoods and natural finishes. Perfect for use as a Cheese Board, Charcuterie Board, Cutting Board, or simply as a decorative piece. They make a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Each board is finished in a food-grade mineral then hand waxed with a food-grade bee and canberra wax. 


Please be aware that every board that we make is unique and will be slightly different from the one pictured. Our boards are made from natural wood, we do not stain or paint our boards. Some boards may look slightly lighter or darker than the photo shows.  Orderes take 1-2 weeks from purchase date tobe shipped. 



Care: Never immerse in water or let water sit on the surface. Handwash only. Towel dry. In order to prevent cracking and splitting using food safe mineral oil as needed. 



    Dimensions: 20"x12"x1"